SOL Banking Features


Sol Banking system is your partner in Microfinance banking for the following reasons:

Robust platform that provides all your microfinance banking needs plus more.

The only IT solution you will ever need as your small microfinance bank grows into a full- fledged multi branch banking operation.

We provide assistance in data migration from your legacy systems to our platform at no extra cost.

A tried and tested system currently in use by large banks in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Belgium and Russia.

The SOL Core Banking platform is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for compliance with quality management system.

The system is highly scalable and seamlessly accommodates your business growth.

Our focus is in providing your Microfinance business with all the features of big brand banking applications at minimal price without compromising in quality or standard.

Our main objective is providing you with a system that manages core banking operations while at the same time is flexible enough to accommodate your special needs

The focus of our implementation is such that integration with any 3rd party system is speedily and cheaply achievable.

Even the basic version of the SOL system comes standard with complete KYC module - (Know your customer)

The need of the hour for banks is to strongly manage delinquency module which is quite capably handled in the SOL Banking System.

Product Certification

The SOL Core Banking platform is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for compliance with quality management system.

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Current Features

   Branchless Channels

  • Internet Banking.
  • Mobile Banking App.
  • Customer Portal.
  • SOL OTP Token.
  • Wallet Solutions.
  • Financial Switch.
  • Tablet application for Door step service.
   Branch Banking

  • Branches small / medium / large.
   Customer Acquisition

  • Relation Management - CRM.
  • KYC / Registration / Account Opening.
   Direct Investment Process

  • Investor Management.
  • Term Investment Management.
  • Periodical Dividend Process.
  • Fixed Deposit (FD) Management.

   Core Transaction systems

  • Retail Lending (disbursement & collection).
  • MSME Lending (disbursement & collection).
  • Microfinance (disbursement & collection).
  • Credit Bureau Integration.
  • Micro Deposits.
  • Retail Deposits.
  • Multi Currency.
  • Corporate Accounts.
  • Email Money. 
  • MSME Deposits.
  • Credit & Debit Cards Management.
  • Treasury Management.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Borrowings Management.
  • Document Management System.
  • Cards Production & Management.
  • e-KYC (Know your customer).
  • Biometric Integration with KYC.
   Risk & Compliance

  • Fraud Management.

  • Data Warehousing.
   Delinquency Management

  • Breakdown of Delinquency Severity.
  • Day wise risk monitor.
  • Tracking.
  • Follow-Up.
  • Reports.

  • OTP Management (RSA Device / Mobile SMS).
  • 3 layer security in database.
  • OTP Generation the App.
  • All key datas are encrypted.

  • SMS.
  • Email alert.
  • Mobile Push Notification.

Integration Support

   Branchless Channels

  • ATMs & Kiosks.
  • Financial Switch.
   Branch Banking

  • Realtime synchronization all branches.

  • Interfaces for NEFT.
  • RTGS, Payment Gateway.
  • Rupay.
  • Swift.
  • IMPS.
  • CCIL.
  • CTS.
  • Market Feeds.
  • Central Bank Clearing house API integration.
   Loan verification tools

  • CIBIL check API Integration.

Upcoming Features

   Loan verification tools

  • Credit Scoring System.
   Branchless Channels

  • Call Centre Software.
  • Mobile Banking (Spanish Version).
  • Customer Portal (Spanish Version).
   Branch Banking

  • Branches small / medium / large (Spanish Version).
   Digital Channels

  • Tablet application for Business Correspondent.
  • Tablet application for Micro POS.
   Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Asset Liability Management.
  • Anti Money Laundering software.
   Enterprise Application

  • Human Resource Module.
  • Insurance Module.